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allison transmission parts

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allison on highway transmission partsOn-Highway Transmissionsallison on highway transmission parts

TKT sales can supply parts for just about any on-highway transmission built by Allison Transmission since the 1950s. New, Used and Remanufactured parts are in stock for all popular transmissions. Most parts shipped same day on orders before 2pm EST.

1000/2000 Series - 1000 2000 2100 2200 2300 2350 2500 2550 B210 B220 T255 T260 T270 T280 (vocational models) MH PK PTS RDS HS EVS SP

AT500 Series - AT540 AT542 AT543 AT545 AT1542 AT1545

MT30/40 Series - MT30 MT31 MT40 MT41 MT42

MT600 Series - MT640 MT643 MTB643 MT644 MTB644 MT647 MTB647 MT648 MTB648 MT 650 MT653 MTB653 MT654 MTB654

MD3000 Series - MD3060 MD3060P MD3060R MD3060PR MD3560 MD3560P MD3560R MD3560PR MD3070PT 3000 3500 3700 B300 B300R B300PR B400 B400R B400PR T310 T325 T350 T375 T425 T450 (vocational models) MH PTS RDS EVS SP TRV

HT700 Series - HT740 HT740D HT740RS HT741 HT741RS HT746 HT747 HT747D HT748 HT750 HT750CR HT750CRD HT750DR HT750DRD HT750DRRS HT750DRDB HT750DRDDB HT754CR HT754CRD

HT70 - HT70 VHT70

V700 - V730 V730D V731 V731D V731RH VR731 VR731RH

VH/VS - VS2-6 VS2-8 VH2 VH4 VH5 VH6 VH7 VH9

HD4000 Series - HD4060 HD4060P HD4060R HD4060PR HD4560 HD4560P HD4560R HD4560PR HD4070 HD4070P HD4070PR HD4076 HD4076P HD4076PR 4000 4500 4700 B500 B500R B500P B500PR (vocational models) HS RDS EVS MH TRV OFS SP

allison transmission parts We are always looking for cores and surplus parts inventories
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