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allison transmission parts

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allison transmission partsAllison Electronicsallison transmission parts

TKT Sales can supply virtually any component for all Allison Transmission electronic control systems. Components can be supplied New, Used and in some cases Remanufactured
  • SPG controls - Shift Pattern Generators, Shifters, Throttle potentiometers & Wiring harnesses
  • ATEC systems - ECUs, Shifters, TPS cables, Wiring Harnesses & Wiring Repair Connectors
  • WTEC systems - ECUs, Shifters, TPS Cables, Wiring Harnesses & Wiring Repair connectors
  • CEC 2 - ECUs, Shifters, TPS Cables, Wiring Harnesses & Wiring Repair Connectors
  • 1/2000 - TCMs, TPS Cables, Wiring Harnesses & Wiring Repair Connectors
  • 4th Generation controls. - TCMs, Shifters, Wiring Harnesses & Wiring Repair Connectors
  • J-1939 support - Custom J-1939 harnesses & Repair Cable & Connectors
We generally ship ECUs calibrated and ready to install. To do this we will require some information from your old ECU, Transmission and vehicle. Please provide the following when inquiring about a replacement ECU for a WTEC, 1/2000, CEC2 or 4th controls system.
  • VIN - 17 digit Vehicle Identification Number
  • Transmission S/N - 10 digit number found on transmission data tag
  • CIN - 11 digit alphanumeric found on original ECU
  • ECU+CAL - 8 digit alphanumeric found on ECU
We stock some complete wiring harnesses however due to the large number of variations it would be impossible to carry them all. We can order your replacement harness but lead time is generally a few weeks. In most cases wiring harnesses are repairable and we do stock many connectors and repair terminals to help repair your original wiring harness. If your harness is beyond repair we may have something that might substitute such as a longer harness or one with extra connectors. Please give us a call.
Splashproof ECU Sealed Standard ECU Sealed Plus II ECU 1/2000 3rd Generation ECU WTEC II ECU WTEC III ECU 4th Generation ECU
5th Generation 5th Gen TC-10 ECU wiring connector repair package
ECU Wiring Connectors

Basic lever shifter Basic push button shifter WTEC II push button WTEC III Push Button 4th Generation Push Button WTEC II shifter WTEC III shifter 4th Generation shifter
5th Generation Push Button 5th Generation Bump Lever shift controls wiring connector repair package
Shift Control Wiring Connectors

allison transmission parts We are always looking for cores and surplus parts inventories
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